Toll Systems Maintenance


P Square Solutions has experience in supporting Level-1 and Level-2 maintenance support for IT infrastructure, database and software applications with response time from 2 hours to 24 hours for different clients. P Square support team uses both proactive and reactive approaches toward providing support and maintenance to their clients.

Based on the client’s need P Square team can proactively monitor the system for any issues and performance of the system and can perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of the issue reported by the client and provide solutions for the issue. P Square team is well versed in JIRA ticketing system and uses JIRA service desk to log, track and monitor any issues during support and maintenance for the clients. This allows clients to directly log any issues found during their usage of the system.

  • Regular Operating System patch updates
  • Preventive hardware server and storage maintenance
  • Schedule jobs are running on time
  • Reports reconciliation
  • Application performance issues
  • Support for the Red Hat RHEL Linux Operating system
  • Support for the Informix/Oracle/Postgres/SQL RDBMS system
  • Support for upgrade, patches and hot fixes provided and recommended by the Vendors (Linux Red Hat) operating system, RDBMS Software
  • Service operational Application Systems
  • Maintain the required Backup tapes to be able to restore the System from a catastrophic failure including “rebuilding” system files, Informix structure and database
  • Coordinate the support and hardware/firmware maintenance with Hardware vendors
  • Plan, schedule any upgrade patches for Linux, .Net and RDBMS Server software
  • Perform regular the upgrades, patches and hot fixes provided and recommended by the Red Hat operating system, RDBMS Software and Networking and Communication software vendors.
  • Software Bug Fixes
  • Maintain the Software Source Code in a Configuration Management System
  • Remote Diagnosis of potential software problems with installed lanes
  • Guided assistance in understanding business logic embedded in lane software
  • Data fixes –malfunction of the toll data
  • Support the addition of new States to the EZ-Pass System
  • Guided problem analysis and customer education on how to work around or permanently fix ongoing issues.
  • Provide regular monitoring of the system remotely to ensure system health. Maintain a log of these monitor sessions for agency records.
  • Monthly visit to a designated ETC facility to meet with the client for coordination and perform a PM (preventative maintenance if necessary).
  • Support Software upgrades or transition and migration.

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