Toll Systems Data Migration


P Square has extensive experience in providing data migration services to their client. In last five years, P Square has successfully migrated legacy data for four toll agencies supporting the vendor during the transition phaseof the project.

Data Migration Approach

P Square Team, leveraging our experience migrating data from the legacy systems, will work with client team, will perform an environment analysis, data analysis, and data profiling of the existing system to determine the data needed for migration.

  • The environment analysis will involve identifying and analyzing the data entities and elements to be migrated from the current toll collection system. P Square team has handled both scenarios when dataset is provided in the flat files or database schema is provided for environmental analysis. The data analysis involves creating scripts to validate the data integrity of the dataset so that the dataset can be prepared for Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process to migrate from legacy to new system.
  • The P Squareteam will conduct a data quality assessment (data source profiling) on the source systems to ascertain the state of the source data to be migrated. Our profiling objective will be to assess whether the source data satisfies established baseline quality standards. Our team will work with the Authorities to establish the baseline indicators. Once established, the next step will be to assign each indicator an upper and/or lower bound to determine whether the incoming data is compliant. The final step of data profiling is to decide the action to be taken should a threshold value be violated.
  • The data cleansing process may involve manual and/or automatic updates to existing system data. The data cleansing shall be performed in the existing data prior to data conversion and in the target system post conversion if necessary. Data cleansing is one of the most important aspects of a data conversion project since loading “dirty” data into the target system may cause the target application not to function as designed, resulting in incorrect business decisions and greater difficulty to remediate later.

A strong Quality Assurance process with a Test Procedure with checklists and verification steps will be used to validate data migration accuracy. A significant part of the Data Migration validation process is to identify metrics such as account type quantities, account balances, transaction quantities, transaction revenue, etc. and use them as bench marks to compare with the data on the new toll system after the migration scripts are executed. P Square will conduct detailed validation of the migrated data using pre-determined check-lists and control totals will ensure that client will lose no data during the account database migration.

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