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P Square provides range of IT services that include the following:

Taking a software product from concept to reality is a complex and arduous process. P Square is committed to providing high quality, offshore outsourcing, consulting, and, software development on time and within your budget. We bring you a range of services that best fits your business requirements. Whether you are building a new business-critical enterprise application, upgrading a legacy software product, or starting up with a revolutionary idea, P Square delivers high quality, cost-effective solutions by leveraging our expertise in a wide range of domains and platform.

P Square is a leading software development consultancy and offers a well-defined and mature software development and configuration process that comprises the entire software development lifecycle right from the requirements stage to the final testing and support procedures.

System testing is performed on an integrated system to assess systemfulfillment with its specified requirements. The basic testing initiates with functional testing which verifies the functionality of the system having qualities such as performance and sturdiness.

Integration testing (sometimes called Integration and Testing, abbreviated “I&T”) is the activity of software testing in which individual software modules are combined and tested as a group. It occurs after unit testing and before system testing. Integration testing takes as its input modules that have been unittested, groups them in larger aggregates, applies tests defined in an integration test plan to those aggregates, and delivers as its output the integrated system ready for system testing.

Our experienced and dedicated team will work to provide you a thorough testing, verify and validate the technical, business, functional and non-functional requirements of the software. Our professional team aims to detect defects or bugs both within the interfaces and also within the software as a whole, providing you a bug free solution for your software.

P Square has an outstanding technical architect service team which will help clients build high-performing organizations by working with them to clarify, align and implement their Architecture function aligned with their strategies.

Our team provides expertise in the implementation, transformation, organizational design, staffing models, people, business & IT strategy alignment.

We provide tools and methodologies for Enterprise Architecture talent selection and development, performance management and coaching. We provide business value through architecture management. We maintain knowledge of IT infrastructure architecture, standards and practices and consistently apply these standards. Consult with project teams to align infrastructure projects and existing services with enterprise architecture solutions, representing multiple platforms, services, or tools.

P Square a wide range of architecture and design solutions based on customer needs. We specialize in studying the existing application architecture and offer suggestions to improve performance and cope up with the ever increasing load. Our expert architectures provide definitive solutions focusing on keen improvement areas of the client architecture. Ideas to improve design and development are a vital part of our recommendation.

Being specialized in the product development, we realize the importance of having right software architecture. Software architecture is a blue-print of the software; it is a foundation of the software. Architecture defines major components, their relationships, structure, behaviorand rational behind it. P Square provides solution architecting consultancy to fulfill the needs of all the stakeholders from the solution architecture. It generally includes technology platform, physical architecture, software architecture, network architecture with all non-functional software requirements.

Our depth of experience delivering secure, end-to-end SOA and Portal solutions, quickly and cost-efficiently adoption of innovative solutions, agile practices to align business needs with IT processes can help you with all aspects of the full project lifecycle including software procurement, architectural advisement, design, development through deployment, administration and training. We have offerings that can assist you with everything from the development of your overall SOA strategy. We lay the path foryour journey through planning, design, and implementation, diagnose your progress and provide ongoing management. Planning to become a flexible, more innovative business but not sure where to start. We at P Square with broad architectural knowledge, deep technical skills and best practice experience help you achieve your goal no matter where you are in your SOA transformation. We guarantee to minimize your risk, maximize your investment and meet your business goals. We can help you for any of the below services:

  • SOA Management & Monitoring
  • SOA Registry, Repository & Lifecycle Governance
  • SOA Composition & Orchestration
  • SOA Legacy Enablement Adapters/Services
  • SOA Security for Authentication, Access Control & Encryption
  • SOA Reliable Messaging, Routing, Mediation & Transformation
  • SOA Platform Libraries & Design Time Tooling
  • SOA Data Service Enablement
  • SOA Collaboration Enablement
  • SOA Portal & Multi-Channel Presentation

P Square has a primary focus on our client systems stability and performance. We prioritize the importance of Application performance management to deliver business applications that meet customer expectation by deep monitoring, quick troubleshooting and tracking end user experience. Our view is Enterprise Application Performance Management Tools = Infrastructure Performance Management + End User Experience Monitoring + Performance Troubleshooting Tools.

P Square’s elite team of professionals specializes in performance analysis and tuning to increase productivityand reduce downtime. Our expertise covers WebSphere application server, WebLogic, Networking, Database, WebSphere MQ, LDAP, Tivoli Access Manager. We support the network, middleware and database end in a well-defined manner. With extensive knowledge aboutvariety of tools for each architecture layer, along with our custom scripts we emphasize on Infrastructure and custom application instrumentation, scripting, alerting, notification, & graphing services. P Square specializes in Deep Dive analysis of issuesto find the root cause and implement strategic solutions to avoid future occurrence of critical issues. Out team has advanced tools for analyzing the logs, javacores, heap dumps to investigate the root of the problem. Our focus is also on active-active setup, Circuit breaker setup to avoid downtime and provide High availability of applications. Contact us for our grander list of services in performance tuning being offered.

At P Square we focus on IT infrastructure architecture extensively as it is important foundation for the IT investments for future growth and meeting rapid technological advancements for optimal and scalable operational systems. P Square provides comprehensive IT services from design to implementation customized to the specific needs of customer specifications and need. Our wide-ranging expertise in various IT components helps us determine the underlying flaws in architecture which is preventing your growth and optimal business operations. We meticulously scan your systems for any areas which needs improvement and provide a custom solution for each client based on their budget and needs. P Square also provides consulting for DR (disaster recovery planning), Storage Networks, Database, Network and OS infrastructure as well as system upgrades.

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