Ruta del Maipo Sociedad Concesionaria S.A.

The Ruta del Maipo Sociedad Concesionaria S.A. (Ruta del Maipo) is a Chilean company in charge of the construction, operation and maintenance of the Ruta 5 Sur freeway, a road concession running from the cities of Santiago to Talca and also including the southern access road to Santiago city and a bypass to Rancagua city. The toll road between Santiago and Talca is over 237km long and was inaugurated in 2001. The 47km-long southern access road was completed in 2004. The concession began in 1999 and currently extends for an unlimited period. Ruta de Maipo is controlled by Intervial Chile S.A., the holder of five road concessions in the country and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Colombian conglomerate Interconexión Eléctrica S.A. E.S.P. (ISA). Its headquarters are located in Santiago.


The Ruta del Maipo Back Office System (BOS) solution provided customer service and account management for the electronic toll processing. The Back Office System was provided by emovis which required customization based on the Ruta del Maipo business rules to manage operations and provide customer service.

PSS contribution

P Square solutions team under the general software development and consulting services developed the financial engine for Back Office System (BOS) provided by emovis. The team developed the financial management modules features including financial reconcilations and reporting.

Team also worked on invoice generation, interest calculation and Gasto de Cobranza fee calculation for the BOS. The team developed independent interfaces from BOS to the payment gateway system, Servipag payment provider, 3rd party accounting package and provided support after the project go-live phase.

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