Ireland’s Interoperability Management Service Provider (IMSP)

In Ireland ITS also manages the Interoperability Management Services Provider (IMSP), an interoperability system for electronic toll payments on various toll roads in the country, allowing Irish motorists to pay any toll charge in the country through a single client account. This system, promoted by the Irish National Roads Authority, processed more than 45 million toll transactions in 2015.


The IMSP solution provided a central clearing house for processing electronic toll transactions for various toll providers in Ireland. Also known as IMSP hub it allowed customers to use the various toll roads using the same transponder with the toll road operators settling the charges against the single account opened by the customer. It’s similar to E-ZPass reciprocity among various state agencies on the East Coast in USA.

PSS contribution

P Square solutions team under the general software development and consulting services with emovis developed the complete interoperability hub infrastructure including developing interfaces with Toll chargers (agency whos roadway was used) and Toll Service Provider (agency where customer has an account). The interfaces included receiving the transponder status files and consolidating them for each toll charger to use it. It also included receiving toll transactions from various toll chargers and batching them for the toll service providers to process and post them to their customer accounts. The hub also provided periodic settlement of funds based on the toll road usage to the toll chargers. The team also build custom reports to track and reconcile transactions among various toll chargers and toll service providers enrolled under the IMSP hub.

PSS team design, develop and deployed the complete turn-key solution for IMSP based on the guidelines published by the IMSP consortium.

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