Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT)

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) currently operates and collects tolls on SR-1 and on section of I95 using electronic toll collection system. DelDOT’ s ETC system is in operations since 1998 consisting of 1 central host system and three plazas (Newark, Biddles, Dover) with ramps with a total of more than 60 lanes in ETC, ACM, Mixed Mode and ORT lanes.


P Square Solutions provides DelDOT Toll system with system administration and Software maintenance support to the current Toll Host, Plaza and Lane systems. P Square Solutions provides DelDOT toll system upgrade services via task orders to update the system based on the needs of the Agency.

PSS contribution

P Square Solutions has successfully completed the number of upgrades to the existing DelDOT ETC Toll system including the Hardware upgrade, porting of the legacy software to upgraded operating environment and supported version of the software packages. DelDOT Toll system consists of 3 Plaza and One Central Host System Software and Toll Collection Cash collection and Audit Operations Support, Consists of 60+ lanes with Manual (Cash)/Mixed/ACM/ETC Lanes. In addition, 3 plazas have the ORT lanes installed by third-party system integrator were integrated to the Current Toll system as part of the system enhancements

P Square team also provides Systems Administration that includes training and oversight of DelDOT designated personnel to perform the normal day-today operational functions required for the systems; for example, monitoring of the Host and Plaza process health checks and Back end software process logs, Database health checks, user profile modifications, Data space availability, systems and database back-ups status and overall system health and optimal performance. The scope of services includes but not limited to diagnosis of the problem, errors or deficiencies and providing fixes to the ETC system.

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