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The Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing, commonly known as the Dartford Crossing and until 1991 the Dartford Tunnel, is a major road crossing of the River Thames in England, carrying the A282 road between Dartford in Kent to the south with Thurrock in Essex to the north. It consists of two bored tunnels and the cable-stayed Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. The only fixed road crossing of the Thames east of Greater London, it is the busiest estuarial crossing in the United Kingdom, with an average daily use of over 130,000 vehicles.

A free-flow electronic charging system called Dart Charge began in November 2014 based on automatic number plate recognition. The charge can be paid online or phone in advance or by midnight the day after crossing, but can no longer be paid in cash at the site since the old toll booths have been removed.


The Dartford Charge Toll Back Office System (BOS) solution provided customer service and account management for the all electronic toll processing. The Back Office System was provided by emovis which required customization based on the Dart Charge business rules to manage operations and provide customer service.

PSS contribution

P Square solutions team under the general software development and consulting services developed the financial engine for Back Office System (BOS) provided by emovis. The team developed the financial management modules features including financial reconcilations and reporting and developed new PCN (Personal Charge Notice) interface for the BOS. Case Management module for the BOS system to handle and track customer cases was also developed. The team developed independent interfaces from BOS to the payment gateway system, Address lookup, 3rd party financial accounting system SAGE and provided support after the project go-live phase.

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