The Enterprise Toll Back office Solution (ETBOS) is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application system catering specifically to tolling industry Customer Service Center (CSC) operations.

The ETBOS is multi-tiered application built on J2EE middleware technology with a rich user interface (web application). Each functional component is modular and easily pluggable to the overall solution to extend or add new functionality.

The overall ETBOS solution architecture is built on modular design approach where each module has its own “existence”. Modular design helps us to test modules independently and make the integration with overall solution easy. Our solution has multiple integration points, like using Messaging Services, file based integration, and Web Service Integration.

ETBOS™ application interfaces with different systems and third party SaaS providers and provides interfaces that handle Operations, Customers, Third Party and External Systems. 

Key Features:

  • Modular System with pluggable functionality
  • Configuration driven application
  • GAAP compliant configurable financial module
  • Available Interfaces with different systems and third party SaaS providers for CRM

Key Benefits:

  • One stop solution for all the tolling CRM needs
  • Scalable system
  • Customizable to client’s need

Some of the key features of ETBOS™ include the following:

Provides an intuitive browser based UI for managing customer accounts. The UI is developed with efficiency and productivity in mind and the CSRs having maximum information to answer all customer information and historic transactions and interactions in a visual manner. The feature rich UI allows for easy tag ordering, license plate changes, payment, adjustments, and account updates.

Reduces security risks by using Credit Card Tokenization and implementing a variety of security monitoring and management tools, and operations policies during the maintenance period to meet all PCI requirements.

A modular Transponder Inventory Management that allows easy transponder receipts with file imports of inventory details received from manufacturers, and a powerful batch transponder fulfillment module that integrates with the USPS to automatically create print labels with postage to streamline transponder distribution.

A modular architecture that provides a variety of interfaces with an abstraction layer that separates individual interfaces with Service Providers. When Service Providers change, the core software remains the same and only the Service Provider plug in has to be developed.

A modular architecture where the transactions are processed through a queue applying appropriate business rules based on account discounts, account plans, transaction types (Pay by Mail for example) and an integration with the ETBOS™ Financial Module that ensures that every transaction is accounted for, and providing full auditability and reconciliation.

A feature rich module that uses stylesheets and XML Data for display purposes that allows for data to be saved and merged only as required without having to save statement information in PDF formats (which increases chances for data leakage). The inherent nature in which statement data is stored within the ETBOS™ system allows for easy interface with an outside print company.

Tokenization and Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) encryption used from the website and CSR UI’s greatly reduces Credit Card exposure risk and reduces PCI Scope.

The ETBOS™ modular approach has ability to interface with E-ZPass Interagency Group (IAG) Agencies as well as California Toll Operators Committee (CTOC) Agencies.

The ETBOS™ system instrumentation and monitoring tools capture the data and measure, analyze and report the performance indicators for the system availability, performance. The Data gathering and measures are performed for many functional processing with business requirements indicators captured for threshold values are recorded in the database and are reported.

Provides a variety of customer notifications channels including Mail, Email, and SMS. The Customers will be able to manage their accounts using a website, mobile phone, webchat, or call in center. Every user has their preferences they can configure their preferences for notifications and choose the mechanism to manage their accounts.

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