PSSArch: Data Lifecycle Management


The data lifecycle management system PSS-Arch is an Enterprise Data Management Platform for complete Information Life Cycle management (ILM) to Boost Application Performance, Manage Data Growth and Ensure Data policy and Compliance requirements.

PSS Arch is highly scalable, modular and full featured smart partitioning and data archiving platform. It helps your IT organization significantly improve application performance and cost-effectively manage data growth in a range of enterprise business applications while lowering cost and risk.  

PSS-Arch has three main modules that make data lifecycle management simple and easy to manage:

  • Agent (Node) Configuration
  • Archive and Sub-setting Definitions
  • Scheduler Definitions

By setting up the three components in PSS Arch, your IT team can segment data based on business value, safely archive inactive application data, and deliver seamless access to archived data for the business.

Key Features

  • Sustained data integrity.
  • Reduced IT (disk) costs.
  • Highly Scalable for Small to Enterprise-Wide Implementations.
  • Smart Data Partitioning.
  • Data Archival based on Logical Grouping of Business entities.
  • Recoverable Process and Scheduler mechanisms.
  • Seamless access to Historical and archived data.

Key Benefits

  • Improve application performance by smart partitioning of active data – PSS Arch Database Archiving moves less frequently accessed data from production databases to optimize application performance. Yet, business users still maintain universal access to all archived data
  • Lower IT costs and Improved Operational efficiency: by archiving inactive application data and maintaining easy and appropriate levels of access to archived data. Lower disk costs for archival data and faster data backup ensures less overhead for IT Operations and reduced down time thus improving overall operational efficiency

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