Executive Team

Reddy Patlolla


Mr. Patlolla has over 24 years of comprehensive experience and expertise in systems analysis and design, application design and development, systems integration, and design and administration of various IT system architectures including more than 20 years of extensive project experience and operational knowledge, Management on various Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems with hands-on implementation experience on toll systems Back Office systems, IT infrastructure design and operations.

Since Co-founding the P Square Solutions LLC in 2005, steered the company to a self-sustenance in providing Managed consulting Services, Back office turnkey software and Integration services to Toll Industry. While expanding P Square Global team to provide various Toll systems Integration, design and development, IT consulting and Toll maintenance Services, provided an Independent consulting services, Mr. Patlolla consulted under various technical roles with Toll agencies, Integrators, Consulting and Telecom firms in critical implementations. Mr. Patlolla led the P Square Solution’s vision, Operations, development, expansion and Roadmap for the Business Services & Service Portfolios. Mr. Patlolla currently focuses on the following:

  • Manage Client relations, Contracts management, and oversight on Project deliveries.
  • Manage the Toll Systems Support and Operations and Consulting Services.
  • Provide Solutions and Consulting services to Software development and Systems architecture to many Toll Integration, Back office, Inter-operability and Toll CRM projects for Toll Systems Providers in North America and Europe.
  • Establishing the Product engineering group to create a best of the breed to Toll systems Solutions that includes the Back-Office systems components of Real time systems, Host systems, and CSC and VPC systems with integration of the Multi-tenant Toll modules platforms with integration and SOA capabilities to External Interfaces, Inter-operability, Web methods, Portals, Mobile technologies.

Niyasi Pediyakkal


Mr. Pediyakkal has over 20 years of professional experience in implementation of large Enterprise Applications and wide range of experience in implementing Enterprise, highly scalable Software projects in both Microsoft .net and J2EE technologies including over 14 years of comprehensive experience and expertise in Architecture, design and implementation of various Electronic Toll Systems across United States, Canada and Europe. Comprehensive knowledge of business rules of various ETC implementations programs.

Mr. Pediyakkal has consulted various toll agencies under the role of Toll Systems Architect providing in-depth knowledge and experience of various critical components of Electronic Toll Collections including end-to-end Integration points of toll system, various software components of Lane, Plaza, Host and Customer Service Center and Violation Process Systems of across major ETC Toll Integrations and deployments.

Mr. Pediyakkal also supported Toll Agencies to identify various report requirements to audit transaction and revenue flow across sub-systems of ETC and has extensive experience in working with different AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) and VES (Vehicle Enforcement System) Implementation across United States and Canada.

At P-Square, Mr. Pediyakkal currently leads the Technology vision, Operations and Solution delivery, the Roadmap for Product development and expansion of Service Portfolios. He also manages Client Relations and solution deliveries and provides technical management for both onshore and offshore teams.

Shane Savgur

VP, Systems Engineering

Mr. Savgur has more than 20 years of experience in the area of Toll Collection and Traffic Management Systems. During his career, Mr. Savgur has worked on several major aspects of large-scale toll and traffic management systems integration projects. Mr. Savgur has extensive experience working with all aspects of a tolling project life cycle, including systems requirements analysis, business rules development, systems design and development, systems delivery, quality assurance, operations and maintenance.

Mr. Savgur has worked extensively with many toll agencies in management roles and has successfully delivered fairly large scale tolling system integration projects. He has extensive experience working with and has a solid understanding of the functional and integration requirements of the lane controller, back-office plaza systems, customer service applications, violation processing, interoperability transaction processing, DMV interface and a wide variety of systems and interfaces that are typically used in a tolling environment. He has overseen projects with variety of network environments, operating systems and databases. Mr. Savgur’s domain expertise extends beyond the technical side. He has worked extensively with accounting and operations groups in several toll agencies designing reports for traffic, revenue, and cash reporting and reconciliation.

At P-Square, Mr. Savgur leads the P Square Solutions Systems Engineering Services, Project Delivery and New business development and client engagements.

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