Port of Hood River

Port of Hood River was looking for Toll systems provider partner to upgrade and replace the aging Toll system and Back office. For their Toll system back office system replacement project, Port of Hood River chose P Square Solutions as their Prime contractor.

 As a Prime Contractor, P-Square designed, developed and Implemented its BOS System Product Suite ETBOS with various Functional Components to support real-time Roadway Toll Collection System (RTCS) interfaces, Transaction processing, customer service center functionality, Financial processing functionality and Complete reporting and reconciliation functionality for Port of Hood River.

Port of Cascade Locks

Port of Cascade Locks (POCL), Oregon is looking to implement Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system at the Bridge of the Gods to add the ability for its customers to use transponder to pay for their bridge tolls. To capital on the local agency POHR’s “Breeze By”, Port is planning on establishing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Port of Hood River so that same transponder can used on Port of Cascade Locks bridge and tolls will collected by POHR on their behalf using the same ETBOS Back Office suite provide by P-Square Solutions. To allow POCL to use the same platform, P-Square had customized the solution to allow POCL staff to manage their operation using the same application suite used by POHR.

Delaware Department of Transportation

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) currently operates and collects tolls on SR-1 and on section of I95 using electronic toll collection system. DelDOT’ s ETC system is in operations since 1998 consisting of 1 central host system and three plazas ( Newark, Biddles, Dover) with ramps with a total of more than 60 lanes in ETC, ACM, Mixed Mode,  and ORT lanes. DelDOT is part of the E-ZPass system with daily volumes of about 250,000 transactions per day having E-ZPass usage more than 60 percent. P Square currently provides support and maintains the Host, 3 Plazas, and Non-ORT lanes software support and environment. Many software components of the DelDOT ETC System including Hardware were successfully upgraded from HP UX servers to Dell Intel Linux Servers. The Legacy Power Builder application has been upgraded to newer versions, and similarly the host and plaza database has been upgraded to latest release of IBM Informix dynamic server. The Host and Plaza backend software programs are ported from the HP UX to Linux Environment.

South Bay Expressway

South Bay Expressway is a toll road operator in the San Diego area which is currently owned and operated by SANDAG. The Toll Road, also referred to as SR125 South Toll road is about 10 miles long connecting SR-905 at the south side with SR-54 on the north side. P Square is responsible for the software design, development, deployment and maintenance of several software components that are an integral part of the SBX’s toll collection system. Some of the specific Software projects that P Square was involved with include:

  • Financial Module Design for the Customer Service back-office software.
  • California Toll Operator Committee (CTOC): Toll Inter-operability software: SBX FastTrack transponders are inter-operable with four other Toll agencies in California. SBX exchanges plate files, tag files, transaction files, and reconciliation files with the software developed by P Square.
  • FastTrack Account Module: P Square developed flexible account statement module that enhances SBX ability to deliver the accounts statements in a secure manner and have the ability to modify the statements formats without any change to the software.
  • Tag Order Fulfillment Module: P Square has enabled SBX to integratemwith Endicia, the postage company to automate the shipping label printing and transponder order fulfillment using the workflow process.
  • Violation filtering module: P Square developed a violation Filtering Module that enables SBX to filter out violation generated during the hardware malfunction.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority (the “Authority”) procured the services to provide toll plaza software consulting services through an RFP. The Project scope was to provide professional services to migrate toll plaza software from the existing client/server based to a Java based system with Integrated Web Applications. The scope included design, develop, test and implement toll plaza software in the Java architecture. The software migration consolidated the toll plaza applications on both Authority roadways (Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike. More significantly, the software migration was to create a regionalize plaza servers and at the Authority’s primary and disaster recovery site for toll plaza functionality with upgraded aging hardware.

P Square was also subcontracted through HP/ePlus Services to implement the NJTA Toll Host system disaster recovery site fail-over and Transition to Data Center operations.

eMovis Technologies US, Inc.

(F/K/A Sanef its america Inc./CS America/IntransGroup)

P-Square Solutions provided Managed Consulting Services and Turnkey project implementations for various Back Office Solutions implementation of Sanef ITS Back-office implementation project across North America, Europe as shown below:

  • SR125 -SBX Tolls, San Diego, CA (2005-2008)
  • M50 Free flow system–TII (formerly NRA, Ireland (2006 –2008)
  • Port Mann Bridge / Highway 1 Free Flow (PMH1), Canada (2013-2015)
  • MAPIO, Chile (2015)
  • Great Ears Bridge (GEB), Canada (2009)
  • Rhode Island Bridge Authority (RITBA) (2013 -2014)
  • NFBC (Niagara Falls Bridge Commission) (2014)
  • Blue Waters Bridge Authority (BWBC) (2014-2015)
  • Ireland Management Service Provider (IMSP) (2013-2014)
  • ATI, Hub based US National Inter-operability (2014-2015)
  • Dartford Toll Back Office, UK (2014 –2015)
  • Reno, Port Rico IOP Interfaces (2015 -2016)

Cubic Transportation Systems Inc.

P Square Solutions subcontracted to perform BOS System Software Development Consulting Services, Reporting system Development, Data Migration and Transition from existing Legacy BOS system to Cubic BOS system. Currently P-Square provides Ongoing Software Development and BOS System including the Software Maintenance and BOS Operations Support Services. Some of key services provide to Cubic:

  • Data Migration and Transition from Conduent System
  • Reporting System Development-Post GO-live BOS Software Spiral Development-Internal and External Interfaces development including Payment Gateway, DMV
  • IAG E-ZPass Interface Testing and Implementation
  • Continued support for the BOS operations, daily operational, system reporting and reconciliation.

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