Geospatial integration for Data Management. Analyzing GIS Data to develop feature rich specialized maps. Business Solution for Developing, managing and supporting all types of spatial data representation in custom developed geo coded map interface.

PSS GEO-DMS is a simple yet advanced solution to represent your data in a feature rich geographical representation. GEO DMS provides an elegant interface to easily find, select, share and manage critical documents. It provides the capability to setup user access administration with ease to define access level control. A improved search capability enables users to traverse through thousands of documents with ease, select the required documents, display their attributes and contents. It is designed to manage documents, edit them and even display them on a geographical map. Our Geographical display design allows to view all documents as points on a map, read the longitude/Latitude of the document location, add more layers, add custom legends, ability to zoom in, measure the distance between two points, do a spatial search based on address/longitude/latitude.

  • Advanced user integration/management with features like group setup, permission setup and access restriction.
  • Customized dashboard for document management, map management, user management.
  • Document management to add, edit, and manage attributes.
  • Display Documents Geographically on a custom map based on address.
  • Group Documents in a cluster view based on location radius.
  • Add documents directly on a map with location selection, auto geocode location/address.
  • Longitude/Latitude Display for documents on map.
  • Advanced search for documents, display result on map. Ability to archive and purge, modify documents.
  • Version Control and Configuration Management for Documents.
  • Bookmark views on map, Measure Distance between points, Measure Area with free flow capability.
  • Print, Convert to Excel/PDF/Word Capability for map view.