A Customized archival solution for better system performance, quicker backups, reduced disk costs and sustained data integrity.


Data archiving has become a vital part of the Information Life Cycle Management process. The goal for all organizations has been to develop and maintain an archival process which doesn’t comprise disk space, time taken to archive or affect the data integrity. P-Square Solutions has developed a custom solutions which covers all major issues and provided excellent performance and data integrity.

How data archiving works - Organizations set their own policies for qualifying data to be moved into archives. These policy settings are used to automate the process of identifying and moving the appropriate data into the archive system. Once in the archive system, information remains online and accessible. Original content is preserved to ensure complete, reliable integrity for the life of the archived information.

Data growth has a major impact on application performance.Your business depends on data, but data growth can drive infrastructure costs up while diminishing application performance and productivity. As much as 80 percent of data in production databases used by core applications is inactive. Database archiving has emerged as an Information Life Cycle Management (ILM) best practice to meet data growth challenges.

Increase performance, reduce costs and achieve compliance goals.Application performance decays when core systems are forced to process too much data. PSS Arch Database Archiving moves less frequently accessed data from production databases to optimize application performance. Yet, business users still maintain universal access to all archived data.

How we differ from other data archival solutions

  • Designed exclusively for Oracle database.
  • User Friendly interface and highly intuitive for users.
  • Improved System Performance: – Enhanced faster response service for users which enables to server the     customers better. Helps the company IT department in maintenance and easy retrieval.
  • Quick Backups:- Our product solution takes less IT backup time and has minimal intervention on the     working day. Data refresh to other environments will be smaller and quicker with our custom product.
  • Self Contained Process:- Stability is our primary focus and our product delivers greater stability and low risk     than external archival tools. We provide easy to automate , regular scheduling options to provide peace of     mind for the process.
  • Low Disk Cost for Archival:- We provide various options based on your budget for the archival . Our low     cost disk solutions covers all sizes of organizations and provide a customized archival disk solution suited     for your needs.
  • Logical Grouping of Business Entities:- Our Solutions provides option to group logical data based on     business entities making it easier to retrieve or organize.
  • A smaller, lower costing project for setup suited for all organizations .
  • Less IT involvement and less business disruption.
  • Faster installation and implementation.
  • Rapid adoption and understanding from end-users.

  • Our Pricing to suit all levels of Organizations

       Pricing/Costing Model

    Level of Organization                                         Implementation Model
    PSSArch Lite (5-10 Databases/Nodes)
    PSSArch Standard (11-30 Databases/nodes)
    PSSArch Enterprise (30+Databases/Nodes)
    Specialized Consulting/Customization